The material is the essence of the product, which very often puts it at the heart of innovation process!
    In addition to its specific mechanical characteristics, it gives the product its colour and shape, thereby determining its quality, reliability & aesthetics. That is why the choice of a material holds such weight in the development of a new product.
    So BF PLUS International is constantly investigating “innovative” materials on behalf its partners, bearing in mind the various constraints & requirements of the product and/or customer.


  • Case components or assembled watch cases
  • Dials & Flanges
  • indexes
  • Crowns & Pushers (tubes)
  • Metal Bracelets
  • Rubber straps
  • Clasps

Different materials on request.

"Our company is enriched by its human and professional diversity.
Each of us contributes in our own way, driven by the same state of mind,
but seasoned with our own personality and complementary skills."

"As a proudly independent company,
under our code of ethics we maintain complete confidentiality of customer data."

"In order to offer you tailored services in line with your constraints and objectives,
the various components may be manufactured in Switzerland,
or partly or even entirely abroad."